Morphology of galaxies in TNG-100 z = 0.1

Divya Pandey
  • 22 Jun '22

Hi, I want to study morphology of a sample of galaxies in TNG-100 at z = 0.1. I understand that SKIRT images are only available for z = 0 and 0.05. Is there any other way to visualize and perform bulge-disk decomposition of galaxies at z = 0.1 in TNG-100.

Dylan Nelson
  • 24 Jun '22

Hi Divya,

Are you interested in images, or in morphological decompositions/measurements?

If the former, you can make images (outside of the redshifts of the pre-computed SKIRT images) using the Visualize Galaxies tool.

If the latter, you may find the new Galaxy Morphologies (Kinematic) and Bar Properties catalog useful, and/or the linked MORDOR code which you could use to compute the same properties in TNG100.

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