AttributeError: module 'illustris_python' has no attribute 'snapshot'

Shivani Thakur
  • 21 Jun '22

My system is giving me the attribute error, although I checked the paths from sys.path (It has all the required paths for the module and my module also contains the file). I had cloned the module from GitHub and alongside adding the new path in spyder, I had copied the whole module and pasted in my usually modules file as well.

I am not sure why it isn't able to locate the attribute. Kindly help.


Dylan Nelson
  • 21 Jun '22

Hi Shivani,

I'm afraid I'm not sure - this is just going to be some python/path related problem, nothing specific to illustris_python. Just try starting your python session in the folder containing the illustris_python folder, and then try inside the illustris_python folder itself. If one of these works, just play with your PYTHONPATH until you can get it loaded.

Shivani Thakur
  • 24 Jun '22

Hi Dylan,
Thank you for the prompt response! The problem seems to be resolved.

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