403 Error while accessing BlackHole and Catalog information from TNG300-3 Run

Bipradeep Saha
  • 21 May '22


I'm having trouble accessing BH Coordinate and Masses from the TNG300-3 run, but I could access DM coordinates. Is it the case that BH information is not available for public use yet? I'm using this code to access.

b_url = 'http://www.illustris-project.org/api/TNG300-3/'
sim_meta = get(b_url)
params = {'bhs':'Coordinates'}  #coordinates and mass of black holes

print("Number of files:", sim_meta['num_files_snapshot'])
for i in tqdm(range(sim_meta['num_files_snapshot']), "Getting snapshots"):
    file_url = b_url + "files/snapshot-99."+str(i)+".hdf5"
    saved_filename = get(file_url, params=params)

I'm having the same issues while accessing catalog information for the TNG300-3 run.

b_url = 'http://www.illustris-project.org/api/TNG300-3/'
sim_meta = get(b_url)

print('Number of catalog:', sim_meta['num_files_groupcat'])
for i in tqdm(range(sim_meta['num_files_groupcat']), "Getting Catalogs"):
    file_url = b_url+"files/groupcat-99."+str(i)+".hdf5"
    saved_filename = get(file_url)

In both the cases, it shows

HTTPError: 403 Client Error: Forbidden for url: https://data-eu.illustris-project.org/file/groupcat/L205n625TNG/99/0/?token=a252039d0537d45b0e5b
Dylan Nelson
  • 23 May '22

I can't see any problem here. If you are logged in (to the TNG website), and open this link:


does it work? If yes, then your get() function isn't working. Possibly you are not including your correct API key?

Bipradeep Saha
  • 27 May '22

I was able to access the data with the same get function. It might have been an issue with the ISP.


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