galaxy positions as a function of time

Tomo Goto
  • 14 May '22

I am working on a project with a student.
I would like to download a catalog of galaxy positions as a function of time in a
galaxy cluster. I looked at snapshots, but time resolution is too coarse. Could
you please help us obtain such information?

Dylan Nelson
  • 14 May '22

As you say, all TNG simulations have 100 full snapshots, with time spacing ~100-200 Myr or so.

There are only two other options: (i) think if you can use a subbox to get what you are interested in? (ii) perform some sort of orbit integration, or simply interpolation, to get satellite positions on finer timescales.

Tomo Goto
  • 16 May '22

Thanks, we will try!

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