Can't get potential of stellar particles using API

Xinyi Wu
  • 1
  • 18 Apr '22


It turns out there's a 400 Client Error when I tried to read the cutout including potential of stellar particles. Specifically, when the code is like:

cutout_request = {'stars':'Coordinates,Masses,Velocities,ParticleIDs,Potential'}
url = ''+str(73)+'/subhalos/'+str(84263)+'/'
cutout = get(url+"cutout.hdf5", cutout_request)

it returns a 400 Client Error. And when I removed "Potential" from the cutout_request, it operated normally.

Dylan Nelson
  • 19 Apr '22

The Potential field exists only for the twenty full snapshots of each simulation, not the "mini" snapshots. Likely this error is indicating that the dataset does not exist (at snapshot 73).

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