How do I visualize and get more info about a snapshot from a Subbox?

Paulo Barchi
  • 7 Oct '16

I am student of INPE (National Institute for Spatial Research) from Brazil. I have just downloaded the snapshot 1000 from Ilustris1-subbox0 (link: to do some Data Mining work on it. So, please, is there a way to visualize these data? Beyond the info in Data Access section, are there any tips to better understand the data?



Dylan Nelson
  • 1
  • 13 Oct '16

Hi Paulo,

Do you mean visualize, or understand the data structure? For the second, I would start with

h5ls -r snapfile.0.hdf5
h5ls -rv snapfile.0.hdf5

on the command line, to see the HDF5 contents.

Paulo Barchi
  • 13 Oct '16

Hi Dylan,

Sorry for the vague question. I'm just getting started in astronomy datasets and Illustris. Thank you very much for the answer.

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