(Down)loading only specific regions

Hannah Ji
  • 22 Mar '22

Hi, thanks for sharing this amazing simulation data.

I'd like to get only 10Rvir sphere from a cluster(FoF halo).
It seems I could use offset files to get particles "included" in a cluster,
but I'm not sure what it means by "included"(is it like within Rvir?) and if there's any easier way than I think to download or just load those specific spheres around the clusters.

Thanks in advance.

Dylan Nelson
  • 24 Mar '22

Hi Hannah,

Downloading a subhalo or halo cutout selects either the particles which are part of the (subfind) subhalo, or (FoF) halo. For centrals, this roughly means the particles out to ~1 rvir, as you say.

If you want all particles out to ~10 rvir, there isn't currently any easy way to do this. The only option is to download the entire snapshot (at least, the Coordinates datasets), and then compute the distance to each particle from your halo center, and collect those within the 10rvir sphere.

Hannah Ji
  • 24 Mar '22

Thank you a lot.

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