TNG subboxes

Elisa Tau
  • 9 Mar '22


I am using the TNG50 simulation and I wanted to know if there is a way I can read all three subboxes at once when I load the halos and subhalos instead of using TNG50-1, TNG50-2 and TNG50-3 separately. Could I just write TNG50 in the path I have already defined? Or is there another way of doing it more quickly?
Many thanks in advance.


Dylan Nelson
  • 10 Mar '22

Hello Elisa,

TNG50-1, TNG50-2, and TNG50-3 are three separate simulations: their snapshots and catalogs are entirely separate, and there isn't any way to load data from all at once.

If you want to compare them (e.g. for a resolution convergence study), you should do the analysis on each separately, and then combine the results in a plot.

Note: these aren't "subboxes". We use the word "subbox" to refer to our "subbox snapshots", which are high time-resolution sub-regions.

Elisa Tau
  • 14 Mar '22

Thank you, Dylan! And thanks for the explanation regarding the subboxes.

Ambica Govind
  • 29 Dec '23

Hi Dylan, I do not understand the difference between these simulations. To extract data from TNG50, do I need to combine the data from all the three or choose just one based on the necessity?

Dylan Nelson
  • 30 Dec '23

One would typically only use TNG50-1 (the highest resolution version available).

If you want to understand the resolution convergence of your results, it would be typical to then compare to TNG50-2 and TNG50-3.

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