Halo Structure not found

Chuhan Jiang
  • 8 Mar '22


I think halo structure data should be contained in Supplementary Data catalogs.

But under the path 'http://www.tng-project.org/api/TNG300-1/snapshots/78/subhalos/0//', which is a big enough halo in a full snapshot, the supplementary_data group is empty.

Actully for each subhalo, the supplementary_data group is always empty.

Where could I find halo structure data?

Thank you for your time!


Dylan Nelson
  • 8 Mar '22

In the Halo Structure documentation you can see the download links for each simulation (one file per snapshot).

The "supplementary_data" section of the API response for a given subhalo does contain some additional links and properties, but it is not comprehensive, i.e. it does not include absolutely all data which exists for that subhalo. In particular, it does not contain entries for the "Halo Structure" supplementary data catalog. You should download this separately.

Chuhan Jiang
  • 8 Mar '22

Thank you so much!
that really helps:)

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