Temperature floor for gas cells

Rodrigo Freitas
  • 17 Feb '22


I am computing temperature for the gas cells of some subhalos using the equation shown in the FAQ (https://www.tng-project.org/data/docs/faq/#gen5).
I noticed that most of the cells have T > 1000 K and I was wondering if there is any temperature floor for the gas cells due to resolution effects.

If this floor exist, is it possible to derive it with the information provided here in the plataform?

Thank you!

Dylan Nelson
  • 19 Feb '22

Because of the physical model for cooling, in both Illustris and TNG, gas does not significantly go below 1e4 K.

(The reason that low temperature cooling channels are not included could be phrased as: (i) because the numerical resolution is not good enough to model these cold phases, and (ii) because the cold phase of the ISM at these temperatures is intentionally not resolved, by virtue of the "effective equation of state" two-phase ISM sub-grid model. Please see the model papers for more details.)

Rodrigo Freitas
  • 19 Feb '22

Thank you Dylan!

Guan-Fu Liu
  • 16 Mar

Could you please refer to some model papers?

Dylan Nelson
  • 1
  • 17 Mar

The TNG model papers are on the top of the Results page.

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