Nested asn1 error (SSL HTTPS error in Lab)

Mitali Damle
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  • 4 Jan '22

Hello Dylan,

I was referring to the API Getting started guide today and was trying to run the initial commands (in my notebook) which set up the helper function used for making a GET request. However, I keep getting the following error:

Error: [('asn1 encoding routines', 'ASN1_CHECK_TLEN', 'wrong tag'), ('asn1 encoding routines', 'ASN1_D2I_EX_PRIMITIVE', 'nested asn1 error'), ('asn1 encoding routines', 'ASN1_TEMPLATE_NOEXP_D2I', 'nested asn1 error'), ('PEM routines', 'PEM_X509_INFO_read_bio', 'ASN1 lib'), ('x509 certificate routines', 'X509_load_cert_crl_file', 'PEM lib')]

Surprisingly, I was been able to successfully run these commands in my Jupyter notebook a month ago, but now it is showing up these errors. Could you kindly help me out? Thanks!

Dylan Nelson
  • 7 Jan '22

Dear Mitali,

Is this still a problem? There have been off-and-on issues with SSL requests within the Lab, due to various certificate issues.

You can try adding verify=False to the requests.get() call.

Mitali Damle
  • 7 Jan '22

Dear Dylan,

Thanks, verify=False seems to provide a workaround:)

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