mock image creation

Margit Schmid
  • 17 Dec '21


I would like to ask if the code you used to create this image:
is available somewhere to take a look, because i'm trying to achieve something similar.

And if not if you could point me to any helpful documentation on how to create a mock image at some redshift/snapshot including a (basic) dust model.

cheers and thanks for all the data :-),


Dylan Nelson
  • 17 Dec '21

Dear Margit,

The best tool for this purpose is, these days, probably SKIRT. Perhaps give it a try? Current work e.g. from Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez (with the associated supplementary data catalog and e.g. TNG50 examples) uses SKIRT.

The image you linked is from older work by Shy Genel, Paul Torrey, Greg Snyder, using the SUNRISE code, but this is no longer maintained.

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