Metallicity abundances by elements

Lucas Bignone
  • 24 Aug '16


I understand from the documentation that the metallicity available in the snapshots and group catalogues refers to all metal elements (above He). Is the metallicity abundances by elements (i.e. [Fe/H]) available in any form?

Thank you very much

Dylan Nelson
  • 8 Sep '16

Hi Lucas,

This information is not described and is not really part of the data release. The reason is that we determined that several issues/problems exist with this data, and therefore any interpretation or scientific conclusions become very difficult to make.

If you download a full snapshot you will find this information in the GFM_Metals field. It is a {N,9} size array, for both gas and stars, where the 9 entries are: Individual abundances of nine species: H, He, C, N, O, Ne, Mg, Si, Fe. You are of course welcome to look and play with this information, but I would have to caution against its scientific use. In practice, abundance ratio analysis and other interesting things along these lines will have to wait for the next simulation to come.

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