FInding Age of Subbox Snapshots

David DeAngelo
  • 8 Oct '21

I am trying determine the ages of all the snapshots in TNG100-1-Subbox). I attempted to use the API to find the ages of the snapshots not shown on the TNg100-1-Subbox0 page since only every 50 snapshots are provided. However, I was unsuccessful in finding the ages in the API. Should I be able to find the ages of the snapshots of the subbox through the API or is there some other means I may obtain this information?

Dylan Nelson
  • 8 Oct '21

If you actually download a file from a subbox, you can always find the time in the Header.

But if you want to know ahead of time the time/redshift spacing, you can get the list from the API under

i.e. where every snapshot is listed, along with its redshift.

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