Cell Cooling Rate in Mini Snapshot

Ryan Flynn
  • 13 Aug '21


I am trying to get the cell cooling rate, GFM_CoolingRate, but it is not an available property in the mini snaps. Is there a way to compute it on the fly using properties that are available in the mini snap?


Dylan Nelson
  • 16 Aug '21

Dear Ryan,

The cooling rate is a 5D function of: gas density, gas temperature, gas metallicity, redshift (for the UVB), and AGN radiation field (i.e. distance to the nearest black hole). I don't see any easy way to compute this for a snapshot where it isn't saved. If you really need it at some intermediate redshift, I would suggest to go to the closest full snapshot, and parameterize (i.e. fit) GFM_CoolingRate as a function of gas density and temperature (at a minimum), then use this to interpolate for gas cells in the mini snap.

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