Getting the main descendant branch of a subhalo

Pablo Galan de Anta
  • 23 Jul '21


I need to obtain the descendant branch of a list of subhaloes to study the accretion properties of centrals. I would require to obtain the descendant branch of a given central subhalo at a certain snapshot (which typicaly is <99). I read in the forum that I could use the option onlyMDB=True in the sublink tree to obtain the descendant branch, however, when I try to load the merger trees with this option Python returns me an error explaining that this option does not exist. I'm using the JupyterLab Workspace. Is this option not implemented yet by any chance?

Thanks in advance,

Dylan Nelson
  • 24 Jul '21

Perhaps your Lab has an old version of the python scripts, you should replace them with the current version in the github.

Pablo Galan de Anta
  • 26 Jul '21

Yes, I've updated the illustris_python module and it works. Thanks!

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