Connection Error for Cutouts (and some subhalos)

Ryan Farber
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  • 9 Aug '16

Yesterday, I would very occasionally get the following error when requesting a subhalo (for z=0, Illustris-3) via:

subhalo = get( subhalos["results"][ind]["url"] )

The error was:

requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', error(104, 'Connection reset by peer'))

That was not a big deal; since it happened infrequently, I just put that get inside of a try/except block

I am now getting the same error for every cutout I request (again, z=0, Illustris-3). I have the following short python script running which has printed "ConnectionError" for every subhalo it has yet tried:

import requests

BASE = "" + \ "snapshots/135/subhalos/"

EXT = "/cutout.hdf5"

HEADERS = {"api-key":"dfcf155772ea55da557a2c79355d99e2"}

for i in xrange(int(1e6)):

path = BASE + str(i) + EXT


r = requests.get(path, params=None, headers = HEADERS)

print("path %s was a success!" % path)

except requests.ConnectionError:


Is there something wrong in how I am requesting the cutout? I was able to request cutouts okay about a month ago (not using precisely the same code though).

Ryan Farber
  • 11 Aug '16

Dylan Nelson said it was a filesystem problem. In any case, this is working now.

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