Finding dataset to make 3D Plots with TNG50

Nikita Agarwal
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  • 3 Jul '21

Hi All,
I would like to try making 3D Plots with TNG50 similiar to the one given in Explore Section as a means to learn.
Can someone help me with where to find the relevant datasets and if possible, a sample code.

I tried searching among the datasets given in data access, but am not sure which one to go ahead with particularly for 3D Plotting.


Dylan Nelson
  • 5 Jul '21

Dear Nikita,

Which 3d plots do you mean? If you want to plot the distribution of galaxies in 3D, you could use something like the SubhaloPos field or GroupPos field from the catalogs, which give the x,y,z coordinates of objects identified in the simulations.

Nikita Agarwal
  • 17 Jul '21

Dear Dylan,
Thank you for your reply. I required 3D plot simulations for magnetic fields, and realised I could make use of the z coordinates available in the gas[Coordinates] keys.
Thank you for your help.

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