Unable to work with JupyterLab Workspace

Pablo Galan de Anta
  • 3 Jun '21


since the last two days I'm receiving an error everytime I try to open my directories on the JupyterLab Workspace. I've made and screenshot of the error I'm getting:

Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 11.09.18.png

is this a common error? Do you have any idea why is happening? I don't know if this problem suits here but I haven't managed to found any mail with which I can contact as regards of the online JupyterLab Workspace.

Thanks in advance

Dylan Nelson
  • 4 Jun '21

Hi Pablo,

You're right, many people reported a similar problem over the past days. I have reset things, and everything appears to be working well again.

Pablo Galan de Anta
  • 4 Jun '21

Hi Dylan,

thanks very much! Good to know everything is working.

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