CenterOfMass for PartType0

Flaminia Fortuni
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  • 3 May '21

Hello, I have a couple of trivial questions about some definitions.
Is the CenterOfMass for PartType0 (gas) the spatial position of the center of mass of the cell within the simulation's box or within the volume of the cell? I think the first, but I want to be sure. I also want to know how the Coordinates differ from the position of the geometrical center of the Voronoi cell within the box.
Thank you for your help.

Dylan Nelson
  • 4 May '21


(1) CenterOfMass will be global box coordinates, i.e. will span from [0,BoxSize].

(2) You can take a look at Springel+ 2010 in particular Sec 4 discussing the Voronoi cell generating site versus center of mass coordinates.

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