Details on Stellar Projected Sizes for TNG50-1

Hasitha Eranda
  • 30 Apr '21

Hi Dylan,

I have some questions about the projected 2-D half light radius in publicly available Stellar Projected Sizes. After reading the mentioned paper I just wanted to clarify few things.

1) Subhalo center was assumed to be the center from the subfind ?
2) Considered all the stellar particles in the subhalo and it's a direct circular radius without any Sersic fitting?

Thank you

Dylan Nelson
  • 1
  • 30 Apr '21


(1) Yes, SubhaloPos is the center, which is what is most commonly used for any analysis.

(2) Yes, all stars in the subhalo ("gravitationally bound"), and it is a circular half-light radius.

You may also be interested in/want to compare to the SKIRT Synthetic Images and Optical Morphologies which contains much more sophisticated size measurements, including dust effects, based on Sersic fits, and so on.

Hasitha Eranda
  • 1 May '21

Thanks Dylan. This helps me a lot

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