negative GFM_CoolingRate

Yingzhong Xu
  • 21 Apr '21


I wonder why most of the gas cells in massive( >10^{10.5} M_{sun} ) galaxies in TNG300-1 have negative cooling rate (i.e. having negative GFM_CoolingRate values )? If this situation is true, then how can I interpret this negative rate ? should I just ignore the gas cells with negative rate when estimating the average cooling time for the massive galaxies?

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Dylan Nelson
  • 21 Apr '21

Hello Yingzhong,

These are always "net" cooling rates, so a negative value means actually heating by that amount.

I imagine this is a very small subset of gas? If so, I would suggest indeed to calculate a "cooling time" only for gas which is actually cooling. Although, it depends ultimately on what you will use this value for.

Yingzhong Xu
  • 22 Apr '21

Thank you Dylan, very helpful

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