Particles Periodic Box size

Christopher Marsden
  • 26 Mar '21

Hi. I wanted to confirm the correct size for the periodic box that particles exist in. Surely this depends on the size of the simulation volume, but it is listed as "Spatial position within the periodic box of size 75000 ckpc/h. Comoving coordinate" in the Data Specifications page. Is this volume somehow the same for each run, regardles of the boxes actual size? If not, this desctiption appears misleading...

What value should we use for the box size when working with particle distances?

Dylan Nelson
  • 27 Mar '21

Hi Christopher,

Best would be to always use the BoxSize attribute of the Header of the snapshot.

You're right the description of Coordinates in the documentation isn't general enough, now that we have more simulations. I'll update this.

Christopher Marsden
  • 29 Mar '21

Thanks, this is a good clarification.

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