BH Mergers id_out

Kate Attard
  • 24 Mar '21


We are attempting to construct merger trees of the specific black holes using the supplementary catalogue, and start out by searching using the id_out dataset from the mergers file for the input ID until it needs to switch to another.

In this case, for TNG300-3, with the black hole ID 100370206805, we found that it appears not to undergo any more mergers before snapshot 69, but here it has a mass going into the merger of 2.4e-4, instead of the seed mass of 8e-05. I just wanted to double-check, are these masses also taking accretion into account here, not just the merger masses?

Thank you,

Luke Kelley
  • 1
  • 28 Mar '21

Hi Kate, yes that's right - the BH masses increase due to accretion so it's typical for them to have grown a bit before their first merger. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Kate Attard
  • 12 Apr '21

Hi Luke,
Thank you for your response, that's good to know.
I had a follow-up question, which is that a number of the BH mergers have a resultant mass and/or a 'out' BH mass of 0. Here I'm again looking at the TNG300-3 BHs. Is this just missing data?

Thank you,

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