Surface brightness I_e in SKIRT Synthetic Images and Optical Morphologies catalogues

Lucas Zenocratti
  • 10 Mar '21

Hello, TNG Team!

I have a (probably silly) question about the Sérsic parameters in the SKIRT images and morphologies catalogues: the surface brightness I_e at r = r_e available in the catalogues, is measured in units of flux/sr ? If so, how can I convert the units to mag/arcsec^2 ?

Many thanks!!


Dylan Nelson
  • 10 Mar '21

Hi Lucas,

We discussed this here in another thread.

Lucas Zenocratti
  • 10 Mar '21

Hi Dylan,

Excelent! Thanks for refer me to the previous thread. I missed it when I looked for similar topics in the forum. This is what I needed.

Thanks again!

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