Last Major Merger Snapshot

Cristian Hernández
  • 12 Jan '21

Hello, I'm quite new with the jupyter enviroment, and have some issue regarding SubLink merger trees. There is a function that allow us to find out how many major mergers a certain halo had; but i'd like to know the snapshot (or redshift ideally) of when these mergers happened. Is there a way to do so? Thanks in advance for your help!


Dylan Nelson
  • 14 Jan '21

Hi Cristian,

This isn't directly built in, but you can edit the numMergers() function (or better yet, extend it by writing a new function) to add this without too much trouble.

Alternatively, you could make an API request for the "sublink/simple.json" return, which provides a list of subhalo IDs and corresponding snapshots of mergers. (You could make these API requests from within the Lab environment as well).

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