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Maryam salimi
  • 20 Dec '20

Hi Dylan,

For kinematics of galaxies how we can figure out the velocity map in TNG for gas or stars?
I'll be grateful for your help .

Dylan Nelson
  • 21 Dec '20


If you would like some images or examples, you can use the Visualize Galaxies and Halos tool. Select "gas" or "stars" as the particle type, and vel_los as the field.

If you select edge-on rotation, and set the image size to e.g. 5.0 in units of rHalfMassStars, you should see the typical red-blue signature of a rotating disk, for most intermediate mass halos. Fig 6 of the data release paper shows an example of this.

If you would like to compute such maps, the easiest way is to adopt the x-y axes as the image plane, projecting along the z direction. Then the "line of sight velocity" is simply Velocities[2] and you can create an image, or other analysis, from this (gas cell/star particle) field.

Maryam salimi
  • 1
  • 25 Dec '20


Thank you very much for your help.

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