Is it possible to download data from jupyterlab with SSH?

Zhaozhou Li
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  • 15 Nov '20

Jupyterlab access is really convenient! I really appreciate it.
However, I find that it is a bit tricky to download the data generated in Jupyterlab from the browser. I have to download it to my laptop then upload it to the working server of our institute. Sometimes the file size can be large.
Is it possible to access the Jupyterlab server from the terminal (e.g., scp, rsync) on either side beside the browser? Or do you have any suggestions on data transfer?

Of course, I can fully understand if the Jupyterlab is designed to discourage such operations. I just want to ask in case I have missed anything. Thank you.

Dylan Nelson
  • 17 Nov '20

Hi Zhaozhou,

It isn't possible to connect from the outside to the Lab.

However, you can connect from the Lab instance to an outside server (e.g. ping works fine). Unfortunately, rsync/ssh are not currently installed or available. If you had some simpler, installable, file transfer program, then you could in theory get it to work.

Zhaozhou Li
  • 17 Nov '20

Hi Dylan,

Got it. Many thanks for your response!


Dylan Nelson
  • 9 Feb '21

For future reference, one possible option is NcFTP. This is an open-source FTP client, you can download the "NcFTP Client for Linux (Intel 64-bit)" binary, which works as-is within the Lab service. This allows you to connect out to any FTP server, and transfer files to/from your Lab account.

Dylan Nelson
  • 4 Mar '21

For future reference, rsync now works within the Lab service, and is probably the best and easiest choice to transfer data from within your Lab to your home system or institutional cluster.

Zhaozhou Li
  • 6 Mar '21

Hi Dylan, thanks for sharing the marvelous news! It really makes life much easier :)

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