L-Galaxies Halos

Minas Karamanis
  • 14 Oct '20


Is there a way to access information about the halos of the L-Galaxies Supplementary catalog? In particular, I want to know the halo occupancy (which halos hosts central galaxies, which satellites and which are empty).

Is it possible to access the L-Galaxies catalog from the online JupyterLAB interface?


Dylan Nelson
  • 15 Oct '20

Hi Minas,

I have made the L-Galaxies catalog accessible in the Lab, you can find it under L75n1820TNG/postprocessing/LGalaxies/ and L205n2500TNG/postprocessing/LGalaxies/. I'll ask the creator to answer your first question.

Minas Karamanis
  • 15 Oct '20

Thank you so much Dylan!

I was wondering whether I could match the LGalaxies to the TNG-DMO simulation halos and derive the halo occupancy this way, but I'm not sure If I'll get the correct numbers this way.

Reza Ayromlou
  • 15 Oct '20

Hi Minas,

Thank you for getting in touch.

For matching L-Galaxies output to TNG-DMO you should simply use the quantity "SubhaloIndex_TNG-Dark" in the L-Galaxies catalog. For each galaxy, this provides you the unique index of the subhalo hosting this galaxy in TNG-DMO. The value is -1 if there is no match for this subhalo in TNG-DMO. Please note that some objects in L-Galaxies might have StellarMass=0 which means that no galaxy is formed in that particular subhalo, although it might contain gas. Please don't hesitate to contact me in case you have further questions or if anything is unclear.

Minas Karamanis
  • 18 Oct '20

Hi Reza,

Thank you, that was very helpful!


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