X-ray luminosity

I-Non Chiu
  • 3 Sep '20


is there any way to calculate the (bolometric) X-ray luminosity of gas cells using the existing columns (e.g., ElectronAbundance, InternalEnergy, GFM_Metallicity, etc) in Mini Snaps? I guess that X-ray luminosity can be derived based on GFM_CoolingRate in Full Snaps, right? But how to do it in Mini Snaps?

p.s., I have learned how to derive X-ray temperature from the F&Q.

Many thanks!

Dylan Nelson
  • 7 Sep '20


There are generally two different ways to predict x-ray emission from these types of simulations: easy, and hard.

The easy way is to derive a bolometric x-ray flux based only on the density and temperature of cells. You can assume a simplified (primordial) high-temp cooling function, and only free-free (bremsstrahlung) emission contribution from T>10^6 Kelvin gas. To do so, you would follow e.g. Navarro+ (1994) Eqn. 6.

The more realistic way is to account for additional processes, including x-ray line emission, which also then depend on metallicity. To do so, you may use something like APEC or one of its python wrappers.

I-Non Chiu
  • 7 Sep '20

Thank you, Dylan!

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