HI Datacubes

Alexander Akoto-Danso
  • 18 Aug '20

I am both new to illustris and galaxy simulations. What I really need help on is how to run the simulations to get HI data cubes of galaxies at z=o and within an inclination angle between 40-80 degrees. These galaxies should not be strongly barred, should have less lopsidedness, and strongly warped as well. The first simulations of these HI cubes would be without the addition of noise and then I will gradually add noise to them. Please can anyone be of help?

Dylan Nelson
  • 19 Aug '20

Hi Alexander,

In the Lab, you will see a tutorial under examples/martini_HI.ipynb, I would look at this as a starting point.

What you describe is a complex analysis, and to do it from scratch would be a significant project.

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