Are you going to add scripts for Fortran95 ?

Yun Wang
  • 2 Aug '20

In the "getting started" tutorials, there are only three languages (i.e. Python, IDL, and Matlab) can be found online.
So I wan to know whether you would add some other languages, e.g. Fortran95.

Dylan Nelson
  • 3 Aug '20

Hi Yun,

It isn't likely that we will produce a fortran version of these scripts, but if you do, please let me know and I would be happy to share them with others.

The only real challenge here is accessing HDF5 files from Fortran. This is much uglier than in the higher level languages, and looks more like C. You can follow the examples (all that is really needed is "read dataset").

Agustín Miguel Rodríguez Medrano
  • 29 Jun '21

Hi Yun,
I have the same problem,
you tried to write the reader in F95 ?

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