Downloading local copy of data

Blaise Veres
  • 22 Jun '20


I am trying to get some Potential and Position data from the TNG JupyterLab Workspace onto a separate Jupyter Notebook. For example, on the JuypterLab space I am working with functions in, and I would simply define the basePath as something like [ basePath = 'sims.TNG/TNG100-1/output/' ] but this obviously does not immediately work on an independent Jupyter Notebook. Would this require getting a local copy of the data? If so, and if I am able to get it, what would that require, and how would I go about retrieving it?


Dylan Nelson
  • 1
  • 23 Jun '20


I'm not sure what you mean by separate/independent Jupyter Notebook. If this is running on the Lab service, then you always have access to this path, e.g.

sims.TNG/TNG100-1/output/ is relative to the home directory, or

/home/tnguser/sims.TNG/TNG100-1/output/ is absolute and will work from anywhere.

If you mean, instead, a notebook running on your local computer, then you are correct there is no data there, and you would have to download the files you want (following the Getting Started guide) and put them in similarly organized folders on your local machine.

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