JupyterLab 3D Interactive Plot Command

Blaise Veres
  • 16 Jun '20

I am working in the JupyterLab Workspace and have created some 3D graphs using Matplotlib. Now I want to make my graphs interactable so I can rotate them, but I do not know the command to do this. On a normal Jupyter Notebook I would use the command "%matplotlib notebook" but that doesn't seem to work in the JupyterLab Workspace, as after I run that command and try to execute my graph I get an error. Is it possible to get interactive 3D plots in the JupyterLab Workspace, and if so, do you know the command that would work?


Dylan Nelson
  • 18 Jun '20

Hi Blaise,

I admit I've never done this, but maybe see this stackoverflow thread. You can try some of the suggestions (but probably not the full node-js install, not sure this makes sense within the Lab environment).

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