Finding Group/Subgroup Definitions and Potential Field Calculations

Blaise Veres
  • 13 Jun '20


I am an undergraduate student currently doing research on galaxy clusters using IllustrisTNG data. Right now I am trying to find out how the TNG project defines these terms data-wise: Groups, Subgroups, Halos, and Subhalos. Is there somewhere on the TNG website that lists the specifications/requirements for these terms? I have been looking but am not able to find anything.

Another question I had was about the "Potential" field. I am currently trying to use dark matter data from PartType1 in the JupyterLab Workspace, and I was wondering how the "Potential" field is being calculated. Is there anywhere on the website that explains this? Again, I have been looking on the website but have been unable to find my answer.


Dylan Nelson
  • 14 Jun '20

The differences between groups and subgroups are described here, or is there something else about them you'd like to know?

The Potential field is derived while the code is running, this is the main part of the self-gravity calculation. The method used is called the TreePM algorithm.

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