Further information on mergers from trees

Kate Attard
  • 11 Jun '20


I am currently using the python function numMergers provided in the example scripts to list the major mergers for a given subhalo tree, I have modified it slightly to give more information on the mergers that occur (such as their first and next progenitor ID) but I am struggling in obtaining information on the redshift/snapshot number in which the mergers happen.
Is there a simpler way to do this from the function, instead of for example separately following the obtained subhalo IDs merger trees to find the snapshot?

Many thanks,

Dylan Nelson
  • 12 Jun '20

Hi Kate,

If you load SnapNum as a field in the tree, then you can read from it from exactly the same index as other fields, e.g. masses.

Perhaps check out the discussion in this thread and last code snippet, which includes the snapshot number of mergers, for the "simple merger tree return" of the API.

Kate Attard
  • 13 Jun '20

Hi Dylan,

Thank you for you help, this seems to have worked!

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