Batch Download MPB Subhalo Trees With API?

Harry Chittenden
  • 3 Jun '20


I am currently trying to acquire a full set of Sublink_MPB trees from the final snapshot of TNG300-1 using the API software, meeting a specific set of criteria (e.g. 'order_by':'-mass_stars', 'primary_flag':1, , 'mass_stars__gt':0.06774).
What I am currently using, based on the API tutorial, is impractically slow given the number of trees. I know, however, that it's easy to batch download full group catalogs and similar, simpler files.
Is there a command I can run which will quickly download this specific set of trees?

Many thanks,


Dylan Nelson
  • 4 Jun '20

Hello Harry,

Unfortunately no, there isn't any functionality for this. There are two options: (1) download the entire tree. True this is quite big for TNG300-1, unfortunately... but once you have it, it's done. (2) Use the Lab service. Then you can load the MPBs you want, process them, and save the result you're after into a file when you can then download to your local machine to continue.

Harry Chittenden
  • 4 Jun '20

OK, thanks, I'll have a look into the lab service. Thanks for your help Dylan.

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