Mass distribution of galaxies

Hebertt Silva
  • 26 Sep '19

I want to calculate the mass distribution of galaxies for each redshift. I have information about the redshift in each snapshot, but i can not find information about the masses of galaxies.

I did some tries using the field which refers to the "Masses" of gas(PartType0), but not successfully yet.

Thanks TNG-Team

Dylan Nelson
  • 1
  • 26 Sep '19


You want to use the "group catalog", in particular the subhalos. Each subhalo, assuming it has at least some stars, corresponds to a luminous galaxy (roughly speaking). Note that these include both central and satellite galaxies.

A galaxy can have many mass measurements/definitions. For instance, the field SubhaloMassInRadType is one we often use. The 0th entry gives gas mass, and the 4th entry stellar mass.

Hebertt Silva
  • 26 Sep '19

Ok, I understand

Thanks Dylan

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