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Ahmed Farhani Asl
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  • 8 Sep '19

I tried to download sublink data using wget command but I got 403 error.

the error message is:
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden
2019-09-08 11:10:59 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

the command I used is:
wget -nd -nc -nv -e robots=off -l 1 -r -A hdf5 --content-disposition

I also tried to download them separately but the same error message appeared.

thank you.

Dylan Nelson
  • 10 Sep '19

Hi Ahmed,

Where it says INSERT_API_KEY_HERE you do need to replace this string with your actual API key. You can find it displayed in the green box at the top of the main "Data Access" page, for example.

Ahmed Farhani Asl
  • 12 Sep '19

Thanks a lot, I've already done that part. The data didn't even exist in the site that time. I can download them now, maybe the error was about updating the data or any works on the site.

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