Full merger trees

Andrés Cardona
  • 23 Aug '19


I'm trying to track the full merger tree for an specific subhalo.

I'm using the sublikn files, but my question is: In the files I can easily track the first and the nexto progenitor, but only those two. I'm particularly needing the other progenitors, not only the two most massive.

How can I do this?


Annalisa Pillepich
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Dylan Nelson
  • 25 Aug '19

Hi Andres,

This is a tricky point, the FirstProgenitor link is pretty clear, but the NextProgenitor is not the "second", rather it goes through all the subhalos which have the same descendant (see the arrows in the picture). So you can follow this repeatedly until you reach the end, and this gives you all progenitors.

Andrés Cardona
  • 19 Sep '19

Thank you, Dylan.

That comment was really useful.

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