Simulated galaxy images for test data

Pavan Vynatheya
  • 12 Jul '19

Hi Dylan,

I am a summer intern working on images of simulated galaxies, comparing them with actual galaxies. I was wondering how to download Illustris simulation images from the website efficiently, and if they are available in .jpeg format. I don't want the whole set of images though, only a few hundred.

Also, if possible, are there images which are wrong results? This would help me test my data better.

Thank you.

Dylan Nelson
  • 16 Jul '19


I'd suggest you download the SKIRT Synthetic Images and Optical Morphologies for the TNG100-1 simulation at z=0.

If you follow the link to the actual data downloads for TNG100-1, at the bottom you'll see a link to the "entire dataset as one file (20-40 GB each per snapshot/survey combination)", and get this for snapshot 99, probably SDSS.

You can look inside and see the assortment of images and take it from there.

Pavan Vynatheya
  • 17 Jul '19


Thanks for the suggestion. Is there a way to not download the whole set. I am a little short on memory and don't really want a lot of data.


Dylan Nelson
  • 17 Jul '19

Yes, you can follow the details of the documentation and download the images for individual galaxies, i.e. selecting some in a reasonable mass range.

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