Subfind Algorithms

David Wang
  • 28 Jun '19

Hi there,
I am wondering that how Subfind identifies subhalo in the simulation. Is there any specific paper talk about the algorithm. Thanks!

Dylan Nelson
  • 29 Jun '19


You can find the details in Springel+ 2001.

Maybe also: is interesting.

David Wang
  • 2 Jul '19


Flaminia Fortuni
  • 27 Jan '22

I have a question on Subfind algorithm. Reading Springel+2001, it appears that the Subfind algorithm is applied to dark matter overdensities within FoF subhalos. It is less clear how the algorithm changes if baryons are introduduced. Should I rely on Dolag+2009? Thanks

Dylan Nelson
  • 28 Jan '22

Yes, Subfind runs on a "primary" mass component which is DM. Then baryons are attached to their nearest DM particles. Furthermore, gas temperature is accounted for during the gravitational unbinding procedure, as described in Dolag+09.

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