Halo Catalog files returning identical SubhaloCM for every file

Sophia Nasr

Hello, I've used the groupcat.py file in the repository listed on the site to look at the halo catalog files for redshift z = 0.46 in TNG100-1. There are 448 files in total, and my understanding is that each of these is a separate halo in the box, with its own subhalos. But when I return the SubhaloCM for different chunks (or different files) in the halo catalog, I'm getting identical values for the center of mass. Is this normal? I feel it should not be the case.

Additionally, I'd like to know if there exists a field in the Subhalo key that will give me the total mass of a subhalo in stars only, rather than the total mass of all particles.

Thank you!

Sophia Nasr

Just removing as the problem I had in this comment has been solved, please see the new edited OP

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