Issue Downloading Snapshots

Emily Moser
  • 21 Apr '19


I submitted a question on the "Contact" page but I realized I wasn't specific with the files I was using.
I'm trying to download snapshot 98 of TNG100-3 (I also tried from TNG100-3-Dark, TNG300-3, and TNG300-3-Dark, all snapshot 98) using the batch command, and it appears that it starts to download a few of the files but ends with:

"failed. Connection refused."

Is this a current issue with the data access or something I should try to solve locally?

Thank you

Emily Moser
  • 22 Apr '19

Update: now I get the error message
"Read error (Connection reset by peer) in headers."

when trying to download snapshot 98 of TNG100-3.

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