X-ray mock observations from IllustrisTNG simulations

Sandhya Jagannathan
  • 12 Apr '19

I wish to generate mock X-ray observations of the IlustrisTNG cluster sample using the pyxsim module. However, I am not able to understand the input file that is used to generate these mock X-ray observations. I currently have the group files and the snapshot files and I have put a mass cut off to select halos within a specific mass range. I am not able to proceed to the next step that computes the number density and temperature of the gas within the galaxy cluster. Could you please guide me with this step? Further, how to include the number density, temperature information of these galaxy clusters in a single file that is then used as an input in the pyxsim module?

Dylan Nelson
  • 15 Apr '19

Hi Sandhya,

I've never used pyxsim myself, but image the "input file" it expects is well documented, and you should be able to write a little script which produces such a file, for a given halo, from the TNG data. As a first step I would refer you to the pyxsim documentation/support.

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