Cutout querry for snapshot

Mohamed Lamine Abdelali
  • 12 Mar '19

It seems that not all snapshots released contain all particle fields like Potential or others.

I tried the command :
wget -nd -nc -v -e robots=off -l 1 -r -A hdf5 --content-disposition --header="API-Key: d13840959d4671f94dbe88ba0daa9f3a" ""

To make execute cutout queries for specific fields, but I get API response 400 Bad request.

Did I understand correctly ? or I must change my command ?

Dylan Nelson
  • 19 Mar '19

Hi Mohamed,

This is unfortunately true for TNG, see the beginning of the snapshot docs, where it starts "Note that, unlike in Illustris, TNG contains two different types of snapshots: 'full' and 'mini'. "

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