Group Catalog Search - snapshot extraction not working

Zainab Ali Majid
  • 22 Jan '19


I'm having some trouble using the group catalog search, I have identified a subhalo that I hope to study in more detail but neither the merger tree visualization nor the snapshot extraction icons appear to be working.

Thank you very much for your time and help,


Dylan Nelson
  • 23 Jan '19

Hi Zainab,

Just noticed some issues here, try again? Both should be working better.

The only caveat right now is, to actually download snapshot extractions, you need to select fields which actually exist in TNG (i.e. cannot pick 'All' since some of these fields don't exist anymore). I'll update this soon.

Zainab Ali Majid
  • 23 Jan '19

Hi Dylan,

Thank you very much! I've managed to extract the required data.

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