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Geferson Lucatelli
  • 19 Jun '15

Hello, I'm Geferson, I'm trying to create mock images from the data of Illustris. But I found problems. I'm not understanding how sunpy and sunrise works to do that. And what particles/quantities I need to use for this. I read about GFM_StellarPhotometrics, but didn't worked. Thank you!

Geferson Lucatelli.

Dylan Nelson
  • 1 Jul '15

Just to give a broad overview:

  • (1) You can use SUNRISE to post-process the Illustris data outputs.
  • (2) Paul Torrey's sunpy are some helper utilities in Python for dealing with Sunrise outputs.

If you would like to do step (1) above, there isn't much help written up about how to accomplish this - it may be quite a difficult process to set up in its entirety. To start, you should download and install Sunrise and try any examples it has. Then, you should make sure you understand any of the issues in Torrey et al. (2015a) which might apply. Finally, a little conversion may be necessary to take some particle-level data from Illustris and put it into the appropriate input format for Sunrise. We can provide some more details here if you're interested.

If you are just looking for pre-made mock images (the "FITS files") at redshifts higher than z=0, say, then I believe Paul Torrey is planning on releasing those soon, for at least a reasonable sampling of higher redshifts. If this data would work for your needs, I can get some more information.

Geferson Lucatelli
  • 15 Aug '15

Hello Dylan Nelson, I'm sorry by the long time to answer. In this time I was working with sunpy, and it worked.

Now I'm interested in this work. Some determination, will give feedback. I was looking here, to try to install the SUNRISE , but occurred problems in the installation. I will work in this.

After the SUNRISE installed, how it will work to create mock images in differents redshifts in the Illustris? How can I use SUNRISE? If it is possible give me more details, I appreciate.

And thank you a lot for the help.

Cheers, Geferson L.

Dylan Nelson
  • 18 Aug '15


I'd recommend you go through a Sunrise example for an isolated galaxy (it must include some sample data for such a setup).

This should give you a good idea what massaging might be necessary to get a particle cutout from Illustris into the appropriate format (e.g. units, box centering, ...). I believe Sunrise should be able to read the HDF5 file format nearly as is, since it follows conventions from Gadget for the gas and stars.

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