IOError: Unable to open file

jua KIM
  • 2
  • 14 Jul '18

I've followed Example script. I'm doing 'merger tree' part. but I have some problem. 스크린샷 2018-07-14 오후 3.11.53.png

for loop make some problems. 스크린샷 2018-07-14 오후 3.13.01.png

I have all files 'tree_extended.*.hdf5'. ( from 0 to 45) please help me.

Dylan Nelson
  • 18 Jul '18


Looks like you have a corrupt HDF5 file. If you (at the command line) run h5ls tree*.hdf5, it should perhaps print an error for one of the files, then you can just re-download this one.

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